About Us

Our Vision

A world where no one has to

wait for operators to respond

Our Mission

“Improve Operations’ impact by learning operators

behavior and perform their tasks with AI, at scale”

Our Story

While working as fraud fighters in the Risk Dept of a major Fintech company, Yogev and Offer were shocked to discover that manual reviews of fraud cases were very poorly documented and managed, something that greatly reduced the department’s ability to make data-driven decisions. After building a game-changing internal tool to better handle investigations, we set off to build something more robust which can be offered to any risk management team. 

We aim to help operational teams work smarter by building and offering products that solve common day-to-day challenges. We work closely with risk, fraud mitigation and compliance teams, to better understand their problems and needs so that we can develop the right solutions. 

Redstrings Notebook was created by risk experts, for risk experts, based on feedback from other risk experts! 

The Team

Head of Strategy & Research
Software Developer

Advisory Board

Investor & Mentor
Advisor - Risk Management
Idan Hayon
Advisor - Risk Analytics
Advisor - Fintech

The value that they created for our department was immeasurable.

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